My crocheted brother

This is the first crochet doll I made, and it’s a doll of my brother Javi. He’s one of those musicians who wear mostly black and carry their guitars everywhere as if it was an extension of their own bodies… 🙂


I really didn’t follow any pattern for this doll, but there are many tutorials out there that can be useful if you want to make something similar.


However, I’ve found it’s better when you understand how amigurumi works and so you are able to create your own patterns.

For me, the base of the amigurumi is the sphere. You master the sphere, you’ll be able to crochet almost anything (amigurumi speaking). This is the video I watched years ago when I decided I wanted to start crocheting this kind of things. I found it very easy to follow and very comprehensive.

The sphere works like this: you increase until you have your desired diameter, then you make a row or two in the “equator” where you don’t increase or decrease (just single crochet in any crochet) and then you start decreasing. Once you understand this, you can make a simple doll like that. The head is a sphere, the body is a pill like shape, arms and legs can be half a sphere, a pill, or half a pill, depending on how long you want them. I made this silly drawing that I think may be useful.

increase decrease

Cacti, pastry, bonbons… can also be made by the same principle: increasing, stabilizing and decreasing.



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