Two friends, two bags

In the past few months I had the birthday of two of my friends. I wanted to make something easy, nice, useful and unique for each of them. So, after some thinking, I decided to make these tote bags. They both work in publishing, so they are always carrying around books and papers. One enjoys the music of The Beatles and the other is a fan of abc series Once Upon a Time. Can you guess which bag belongs to whom? 🙂



These bags are very straight forward. You’ll only need some cotton like fabric, a permanent T-shirt marker and bias tape. I printed my messages in paper, the size I wanted my bags to be, then put the paper under the fabric and traced it on with the marker. In case your fabric is too thick or dark, you should look for other tracing options like tracing paper, etc. But in my case it worked perfectly this way.

In my opinion, the bias tape is what makes these bags distinctive. There are many ways of sewing it but I prefer the “invisible” one. I machine sewed one side, turned over and hand stitched the other side. This, I’ve learned, it’s called quilt binding 😉

Caila from Caila Made has very clear explanations on different ways of sewing bias tape. Click HERE to see her tutorial.

You can embellish your bag with some appliqué if you want. In this case, I drew the apple in a piece of double sided Steam-a-seam paper, ironed it on the fabrics and fixed the 3 pieces (body, tail and leaf) to the bag by ironing again. Since the bag is meant to be washed, I sewed it around with appliqué stitch.

I have to thank my boyfriend for helping me chose the right font for each bag. Fonts are important pieces of every design, but they tend to receive little credit. The fonts we used here are called Beatles (duh!) and Justice. I hope you like them.

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