Crochet food

I’m starting to believe you can make anything you want with crochet. I wasn’t a big fan of crochet until 3 or 4 years ago, but then I started to see the possibilities and made these:


These patterns come from this book called Tasty Crochet, except for the cupcake, which is completely made up.

tasty crochet cover

You can get a little “look inside” at Amazon’s page clicking HERE

What bothers me about this kind of creations is that they have no function at all (apart from being cute). You make a blanket and you can cover yourself with it. You make a hat and it can be worn. You make a crochet apple and… and… well, you leave it there and wait for people to see it and say “how cute!”

I always try to make things useful. Sometimes it’s not easy but in the case of the pizza slice, for instance, it only takes a zipper to turn it into a very original purse or secret compartment 😉


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