Portable artist station

I tend to see the artistic potential in the things other people discard: a piece of cardboard, a button, a sheet of foam… I think twice before throwing away anything that comes to my hands, because I never know when I am going to need it. This habit results in serious storage problems in my house but it also makes possible to improvise some crafts when the inspiration calls. So, when one day I found myself with some felt pens, a box of colour pencils and scraps of fabric, I knew I had a nice opportunity to create something.




I made this as a gift for the son of one of my colleagues. The only things I bought were the eraser and the sharpener. The rest are things I had at home. This is a very easy project. In fact, it’s just a variation of a brush roll I made some time ago.


You can find many variations and step by step tutorials of this kind of pencil cases if you look in your search engine for words like “pencil roll” or “pencil roll case”. There is also a huge variety of closures: with elastic bands, lace, buttons…

I’m happy with the results but if I make another of these in the future I’ll leave a little bit of margin in the right edge of the felt pen section, so it can be folded more easily.

By the way: the amazing fabrics of the brush roll and the exterior fabric of the artist station are from Nunoya.

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